Centre of Gravity is a collective of people who work in the area of storytelling, community building and consulting for institutions.

Over the last 15 years, we have as part of our work travelled to hundreds of villages, towns and cities and spoken to thousands of people, mostly in their personal settings.  These conversations span a wide spectrum of subjects from menstrual hygiene in rural India to the impact of culture on diabetes management amongst ethnic groups in London, from understanding the soul of the color indigo to the idea of home in large urban settings. All these conversations have had a profound influence on our work, but most importantly on our own selves. We have enjoyed and gained the ability to have open and rich conversations, elicit stories and listen deeply at the same time.  We feel that some of these stories that have changed or shaped our thinking need to be told to the larger world in the form of documentary films. This is particularly so, when the stories humanise  subjects that hitherto seemed  cold, remote or exclusionary.